Google not planning to change its revenue-sharing policy for phone apps

Google is currently the most important provider of operating systems for smartphones. One of the features of the Android OS is the Google Play store where phone owners can download applications officially vetted by Google. However, in order to get their apps approved, developers have to agree to share app sales and in-app purchases revenue with the IT giant, namely 30% of it.

Some companies with well-established, popular products like Fortnite forego Google Play entirely, preferring to let users download their apps from their websites directly. This may potentially mean that Google is missing out on some revenue it could get if it were to agree to reduce its share of revenue.

As reported by Business Insider, Google may have lost up to $50 million just because of not having Fortnite on its app store. In spite of this, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google would stick to its revenue sharing policy for the time being but may consider changing it in the future.

Blockchain technology and decentralized file storage may in the future put further pressure on Google should their developers succeed in making it easy for users to download and pay for games and in-game assets through them.


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