Ethereum 2018 overview

Josh Stark, Evan Van Ness and Daniel Zakrisson have published on Medium a nice overview of the developments in the Ethereum ecosystem in the course of the past year. They attempt to single out ten of the most important developments that may have a truly lasting significance.

Among the facts they mention, the little-known ones are the growth of MakerDao (with 1.7% of all ETH now deposited into the DAI smart contract) and the impressive growth and proliferation of decentralized finance tools on Ethereum, including not just DAI but also other stablecoins, lending tools, decentralized trading protocols like Ox and so on. Also deserving of mention are the maturing of the development tools and security infrastructure and the creation of a formal specification for Ethereum 2.0.

The authors also recognize the challenges, especially the low consumer adoption of the platform and the DApps based on it but they remain optimistic for the long term. They also noted that network usage metrics web-sites like DappRadar do not reflect the use involving the second-layer solutions that are already operational.

However, this is one of the rare cases where a short resume really cannot even begin to do justice to the article, hence anyone deeply interested in the evolution of Ethereum and the blockchain space will find lots to chew on there.


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